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Few companies plan to have a product recall when they produce a new product, that’s why product recalls are often such a source of last-minute reaction and stress. When faced with a product recall, it’s important to have a proactive plan in place so your team isn’t simply reacting.

Our team of experienced professionals is the partner you need. We can handle all elements of your product recall including upfront planning, consumer communication and registration and call center support and services.

Product Recall Management and Support

Whether you’re a retailer, a consumer products company, a medical device manufacturer we can support all aspects of the product recall from communication and response, to compliance and reporting, to retrieval and fulfillment.

Notice Design and Implementation

Sending out notifications gives you the first and best chance to provide accurate information regarding the Corrective Action Program.

Product Recall Call Center Services

We operate state-of-the-art facilities and have trained agents ready to provide support for the influx of calls and contacts that a product recall generates.

Product Logistic Services

Realtime provides a comprehensive suite of product handling services, from collection of affected products, to storage and destruction.

Realtime provides a network of technicians for onsite repairs and field services, across North America.