Multiple Manufacturers

The Problem

A number of manufacturers using the same component part were required to undertake a joint program to change out the component part using a service center certified to complete the corrections. Each manufacturer had lists of a percentage of their end-users based on warranty information, but there was significantly more product in the field than the know database of product owners. The suspect component part could result in a potential life-threatening hazard.

The Response

RTR was retained to develop a notice program that included direct mail and point-of-sale posters. RTR also set up a system so that consumers could call a toll free number receive information about the program and register affected products. Each participating manufacturer received details on the overall response, as well as specific details about their own customers. RTR created a master data-base of service centers based on information provided by the manufacturers, and each consumer was referred to the appropriate service center for their product. A special account was set up by RTR into which each manufacturer paid its pro-rated share, and out of which service centers were paid for the work performed based on agreed standards.

The Results

Thousands of consumers were able to register for the program via the toll free number set up at RTR’s call center. A high effectiveness rating was achieved for most of the participating manufacturers. There was minimal disruption to the ongoing operation of the individual manufacturers, who received regular statistical reports from RTR. Monthly reports were prepared for the federal agency overseeing the program and the agency was pleased with the results.

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